Hey Hey Peeps!

Hey peeps. I am writing this post about not feeling writing a blog post the weekly blog post for this blog a little corner of the internet. Tbh I wasn’t feeling it this last week writing the weekly post however we are here writing this post for my dedicated readers. A top tip peeps. My top tip is this even if you aren’t feeling it that day, week or whatever what is important is to write a post. Add some more words to your story, write more of your book. Why do you ask and the reason is this you will feel better for writing the post. You may have put it off for a bit, a few hours, a few days however when you are writing and expressing yourself you will feel all the better for it. So yeah we are writing a post about not feeling it about writing a post and can you see that we are writing a blog post when we are not feeling it to help the readers of this blog when they are not feeling it. So, we feel we are writing a helpful post for the reader and this could be applied to the daily steps, the walk to work, doing work your job whatever it is that you aren’t feeling that day, week etc. So, I hope this post helps you this week and we are writing when we aren’t really feeling it and we thought we would help you with some little handy tips.


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