Hey Hey Peeps!

Hey peeps. I am writing this post on a Monday evening after having a great day today in the city of Chester and the sun was shining. What we the team of I can say about this is it is a really good sign of spring here in our little sprawling metropolis of a city and it is great for all. We saw so many people out enjoying the day today and when we were in the park we saw the newly erected Ferris Wheel with people on it. We can also say there is a great vibe in the city at the moment because the last two days have been good weather it has still been cold people are still wearing there winter coats however its such a good sign of the weather that is coming. We have spent today sat outside the coffee shop soaking up the weather and we can say to you the reader that the vibe was good, the weather was good and people were in a great mood when we spoke to them. So, peeps, Chester is great at the moment you still need to wear a coat with 12-13 degree days however it is such a good sign of spring and the warm weather that is coming.


4 responses to “A GOOD SIGN OF SPRING!!!!!”

    1. the last two days have been 12-13 degrees during the day

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    2. And the sun has been shining

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