Hey Hey Peeps!

Hey peeps. I am writing this post about having a cup of sweet coffee in my spot, my regular coffee shop. To begin this post I will say to you the reader of this blog I have a regular coffee shop to go to where I know the staff and can have a nice conversation with them every time I go. So, after a while of going to the same coffee shop with a premium outside seating area close to where the busker busks every day I have noticed many things about the city of Chester. What have I seen and what have I learnt and what can I say about this to you the reader. I can say this. On a Saturday afternoon around the time of 4-5pm many many people are walking the same direction past the coffee shop to the bars at the end of the street. This is different to most days of the week when people are walking in all directions and walking to all of the various shops and bars for many many reasons, to buy, to browse etc. So, what else can I say I have learnt sitting in my favourite coffee shop and I can say this. Many regular customers visit this coffee shop and its at various times during the day for example, after work, before work, coming in to the city centre for the day. There are many reasons why the regular visits and there is one reason why they visit and that is they like coffee made pretty much the same way every time. I could write many many words about visiting a coffee shop and there are many coffee shops in Chester and it feels more are always opening also. What I can say and I can say this one thing about going for a coffee is find a place you like to visit for your own reasons like its close to work, its close to where the buskers busks every day, the coffee you like is made there, you need a good internet connection, comfy seats etc. Once you find your spot cherish your spot and enjoy going there for a cup of sweet coffee.


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