Hey Hey Peeps!

Hey peeps. I am writing this blog post about chilling with coffee and I am writing this post on a bank holiday Monday here in the UK. Well, today the weather has been miserable here in the glorious city of Chester however it has been good walking weather conditions. To begin, we feel chilling with a cup of coffee is a great thing to do and all readers of this blog know how much we like coffee. We found having our coffee today on a busy bank holiday Monday in a coffee shop which was very busy that most people like the Cuppajoe team were doing the same thing today. We noticed that many many families were in the coffee shop today enjoying each others company and having a good cup of coffee. It must be something to do on a bank holiday because we have seen and noticed and done this ourselves also have coffee with friends and also family. When we say family we are talking about the creative team behind this little corner of the internet which is me lol. To finalise this weeks post we can say to you our loyal fanbase that its been a good weekend and we saw so many people enjoying the good weather yesterday and spending time in the coffee shop with family today.


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