Hey Hey Peeps!

Hey peeps. I am writing this blog post after having a good coffee today at a different coffee shop from which I usually go to. I have been before and the coffee is good however it was only ok. I guess after many many coffees drunk and usually from my usual spot I have come to have and expect a certain level of coffee. The reality is the coffee was good it wasn’t in my usual spot so it was different for me and thats why it was ok. Tbh peeps the coffee I drink is the vast majority of the time made to a high standard which most people expect and why they visit again and again and usually to the same coffee shop and order the same drink a favourite drink. So, what else can I say about my visit today to you the reader and I can say this. The coffee was made to a high standard and it was an enjoyable coffee and I did like my coffee. However, it felt different because it was in a different coffee shop and not my spot. So, there it is peeps the weekly post from Cuppajoe.


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