Hey Hey Peeps!

Hey peeps. I am writing this post after having a day away from the coffee shop and today coming back after not being there yesterday and what I learnt. To begin, I can say to you the reader of this little corner of the internet that I learnt so much being away from a day and coming back to my spot. First, I saw one of my coffee buddies and it was great because he had four days off work and it felt like so long I didn’t see one of my coffee buddies. Yes peeps it was quite emotional for me seeing my coffee buddy today we should of had a hug to affirm our mutual appreciation for each other. What else can I say to you loyal readers of this blog. I can say this to you. Going for a coffee after the lunchtime rush today was quite nice because I saw my loyal coffee buddy and I had a bottle of water and he had a fruit juice drink and a packet of crisps as he always does. So peeps this is this weeks blog post to the loyal readers and we had an emotional day and we also spent time with our buddy right till closing today and it was great.


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