Hey Hey Peeps!!

Today’s entry will be dedicated to the busking genius the violin guy in our sweet metropolis we all call home currently having a summery day on a Monday. Well peeps what can we say about our busking genius the violin guy in our city we call home. Firstly we can say that he is a regular on the Chester scene and is consistent in dropping bangers. Ok peeps there you have it the breaking news and yes we didn’t see him at his favourite pitch at lunchtime today. To get to the real story peeps and this is breaking news in our little utopia those who know certainly will not be surprised at all and the rest well errrm we all know this peeps. Yes peeps we couldn’t believe it either when we heard from the place where all the culture takes place and tbh peeps we weren’t surprised at all. So there you have it peeps it was so hard to keep it a secret all week till writing today that I knew also alongside the rest of Chester in knowing. So I will conclude todays post peeps with a little thought and that is

‘stay strong in adversity, stay strong in culture, stay strong in reading, stay strong in what you do’


oh yeah erm yeah

the breaking coffee news story was phenomenal that the sweet stuff really is the sweet stuff


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