Hey Hey Peeps

I am writing this post about ideas for a blog post and the reasons why it can help. To begin, the concept of a blog post for the cuppajoe team is to display our love for the sweet cup of coffee that many people drink alongside tea and why we feel it’s such a lovely drink. We feel in the glorious city of Chester with many coffee outlets that a dedicated coffee consumer is needed to convey how good the sweet stuff is peeps. Furthermore, when talking about the concept, idea and how good coffee is peeps one thing needs to be thought about. What needs consideration peeps is that a coffee catch up with friends chatting about daily things really does help the Chester constellation move forwards day after day in our fair little city where not much happens.

To continue, the reasons why a blog helps peeps is because a dedicated service in the city chronicling the friendly barista and the approach to crafting the sweet cup of coffee is required. So many of us enjoy the sweet cup of coffee and it’s required otherwise the constellation doesn’t go round the city the way it’s needed to keep us all happy.

So there it is peeps the weekly blog post for the city

In other news the weather has been so lovely in our fair little city where not much happens and today (Saturday 21st of May) is our 1 week anniversary from when it was baking.

Have a great week peeps


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