Hey Hey Peeps!

Hey peeps. I am writing this post about a cold wet city, the city of Chester and how it was last week and yesterday and today it has been warmer. So, where do I begin, well I shall begin here. The weather in Chester for a week was cold and we had snow for three days in the day for one day and in the night over the early hours for two days and by lunchtime it had melted. Tbh that was something that confused me looking out of my window at 7:00am and seeing everywhere covered in snow and then only 4-5 hours later it had all melted. I feel many people in Chester felt the same. For overseas readers of this blog Chester is on the Cheshire plain a stretch of flat land and Chester is in the middle and never gets much snow because it is all on the hills either side of the plain. Ok, so a little geography lesson over we can now focus on this weeks blog post about how it was cold and then today (Monday the 13th March) it is now warm. Well as I am writing it is 10 degrees celsius at 7:19pm in the evening and will get colder over night and then getting warmer during the day tomorrow. Ok, so a little weather update this blog post gets better and better this week lol. Anyway, Chester has been cold for a week with three days of snow last week and yesterday and today it has been warmer which has been welcomed by all in the city today. The coffee shop wasn’t as busy today (I visited two coffee shops today) because everyone wasn’t sheltering from snow, rain and the cold. I don’t know if this is good for business a bumper week of sales in the coffee shop and then today quiet. I guess the barista didn’t mind and those with a day off today were happy. I have rambled on with this weeks post peeps because well I don’t know I suppose I just have so I will end this post now saying to you the readers of this little corner of the internet have a good evening and a good week this week.


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